Drive-by Desertscapes: Las Cruces v16.8

After I finished some tasks, I remembered to drive back where I had zoomed by earlier, and get the camera out.

Musical accompanyment: Living in the USA, by the Steve Miller Band

Photos last weekend:

Sure, it’s just another hot June day, but unusually “humid” for us, thanks to two odd tropical systems dying and moving their mucky air over us for days…and still barely 100 a few times, so far.  But it made for more interesting skies than the usual June of space blue, transparent to 100+ miles.

Do you take advantage of a few extra minutes in a place you’re visiting, when you see something unusual?


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  1. If I see something unusual I am known to stop whatever I’m doing to take a closer look. If I have my camera handy (I don’t usually take it out with me) I’ll take photos. A family member dubbed me “The Noticer”.

    As to the restraint exercised in the photos shown – I love to see it in other people’s spaces but I take pretty much the opposite approach. I see the beds around our home as an island of habitat in a desert of lawns and I’m working to get good stands of multiple native plants plugged in here. It is a fairly busy look, and can get even get a bit ratty as I allow plants to go to seed routinely, but my goals are geared more about supporting wildlife. I’m just seeing if I can’t keep my spaces pleasing to the eye while everything else is going on.

    I keep my camera on me, though its age is showing…I used to not keep it with me! The noticer…I like it. All them showed restraint, or at least just did the minimum…they have the bones in shape for the final touch. The large familia of barrels are the largest challenge to me. I can see your point on wildlife, though enough plants can solve that, even if kept minimally neat (i.e. not what is done to shrubs and live oaks / purple plums here).


  2. I love when you give us your ideas for making something better. Now if you could just come to Wisconsin and tell me what to plant in our sandy soil besides hostas, marigold and black eyed Susan’s. And maybe bring some of your warm sunshine. It’s like Seattle with all our rain.

    Right now: 94F / 29 dewpoint / 9% humidity, a cobalt blue sky, a gentle breeze. I can afford losing some of that, then it will be perfect! Thanks, and hopefully me pondering improvements inspires some ideas in your diff. place?

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