Back to Las Cruces for some errands and some project monitoring! But before I got off-track on more random landscapes, I enjoyed seeing some my own design and plantings mature, near their newest golf course.

Photos 6/6/2015 –

a good day at the golf course?
the Koelreuteria paniculata clump looks vigorous and growing
Hesperaloe parviflora defines the edge…the Organ Mountains the stage set

Someone may have stolen a few Agave neomexicana plants from each median, mostly growing against the boulders, but my plans aren’t handy to verify.  I hope they were worth the effort…and they get pricked by the sharp leaf tips just enough!

still imagining a few agaves by the boulder and yucca trunk


Chrysactinia mexicana still flowering, even though it’s been hot

More damianitas, and one of the Yucca rostrata to grow above the kinetic forms of Aristida purpurea.

Do you ever see a streetscape planting where you live, and wonder who designs them? Or do you wish streetscape plantings were part of your roadway design, not just curbs and paving? Do you ever have other ideas that might look better but not cost more?

While I am one who does the first, the other two questions are often on my mind.

5 Replies to “Fore!”

  1. I always wonder that! …like the new TXDOT native thickets…
    I love your design and wish there was more of that around here…

    I would enjoy what TxDOT is doing with those native thickets…post on it, please! Thanks, clean and simple for lower maintenance and dry areas, though the contractor forgot my water harvesting swales.


  2. I consider myself very much a beginner when it comes to design so I am nervous about dissing anyone. And like TexasDeb — any effort at all just has to be appreciated. However. heh. I really do have to wonder at some of the ‘professional’ designs I see. Like, where is the line between minimal and lazy? At a nearby apartment complex I saw a line of muhly grass standing in a straight soldier-like row. Drought tolerant but visually it was a slight variation or updated version of the zinnia soldiers that were popular when I was a kid. Kind of boring.

    A really good point on the zinnia soldiers! I’m always learning, but the key to this may be minimalist-monoculture-boring VS. minimalist-mass-accent-interest. Bouncing between function, water or dryness, form, habitat, serenity is how I try to do this. Drives crazy the clients who watch the clock, even those who don’t but lack a design background…and that’s just planting design. Then there’s hardscape design…


  3. I really love your designs and how fun to see them mature.

    Thanks, and I hope to start doing *sketches* of some new ones…hand and computer!


  4. I am typically happy when any effort is made to do anything other than unkempt weedy strips or paved surfaces. And sure, when I see some of them I do think I could do better, but then there are some plantings that set a very low bar… VERY low. : )

    I agree, and about those Austin streetscapes and medians… Serously, I’m cnstantly thinking about this stuff. I even get paid for it, sometimes!


  5. Beautiful, calm, simple, I could have done that !!

    Hardly. Would have to consult with YOU to know about the plants !!

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    Thanks, still looking for my plans to see what was stolen! I bet you could figure out the plants fast…


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