Transformed: Pt 1

I almost titled this post, “Gardens of the Spoiled and Lucky” :-)

Of course, when the designer is talented, and prepared for their windfall, I’m happy for them and their work. And in this case, the spoiled, lucky, and untalented didn’t land it…whew!

The first parts of UTEP’s Campus Transformation Project are mostly completed, photos from the week ending 5/23/2014 –

When was the last time I saw winterfat and some of the other plants used in a public space? Let alone used well?

Another time, I’ll try to post on the plants designed into a prominent place, that I think will help turn on the public to better choices. It takes more than a few of us to do that, but this project could be the tipping point.

Surely, some of this project will be imitated by the same folks who poo-pooed such design until recently, in favor of their cliches of cottage-Charleston-Cali. That will be as entertaining to watch, as it will be enjoyable for the rest of us to relax in. And I’m only a quick walk away…

In one fell swoop, UTEP now has by far the most appealing campus landscape in far west Texas and in all of New Mexico.

So, bravo to “La JUTEP”, for embracing and paying for this. And an equally big bravo to Christy Ten Eyck and her office, for their embrace of place to design this.


I know, it’s rough weather again.

El Paso was having a crisp morning as I started this post…a 54F low at my place, but typical uber-low humidity and mid-day sun beyond piercing to compensate. We even had more light thundershowers before that. Normally, spring is our driest period and June is our hottest month. A week later,  early summer is back and getting hot.