Espresso and Yuccas

Hoping all the yuccas were in bloom, I detoured to Crazy Cat enroute to my office. Only a few started blooming, but others are getting close.

Photos from 5/2/2014 –

still not many flowers on yuccas
still not many flowers on yuccas
Chrysactinia mexicana about finished...what's the yucca root-sprouting
need Chrysactinia mexicana seed?

I’m curious about the yucca that’s root-sprouting inside the damianitas. Is it a once-existing Yucca torreyi? The leaves seem too thick for juvenile leaves of the yuccas that were planted.

some yuccas in bloom
some yuccas in bloom
Yucca rupicola, blue and bold
Yucca pallida, blue and bold

The espresso was amazing, by the way. Robert, Crazy Cat’s owner, made me a mean cup while I finished looking around.

We had already talked, him avidly sharing how his garden spaces are coming along, me throwing in about that and what can be done, pruning of his encinos starting in late August.

sitting on the shady wall was nice
sitting on the cool, shady seat wall was nice

I designed it to soak up coolness or warmth, depending on when the stone does its thing. The Saturday I took this photo, we were in the midst of a warm spell, many places’ nearby had 90-92F highs and 65-68F morning lows…highs or lows about 10F warmer than average. By the end of May, that will be average or even cooler.

There’s an advantage to getting out to enjoy your handiwork at the right time. Stone walls are cool in the morning shade!

Of course, cool, crisp mornings are now back, our highs a few degrees are below average once again – and the sun and dryness just is – most always.

so was every last drop of my espresso
so was each last drop of my espresso