Drive-by Ocotillos

And a few more plants deserving attention.

I left my camera at my place when I drove to my first mountain bike ride in weeks. Tragedy, on both accounts. But when I returned and stretched (which I also forgot to do), I grabbed my camera and retraced my route.

Do you know any place that grows so many ocotillos in the stature they reach in El Paso or Las Cruces? In my travels, the Las Vegas, Nevada areas does, too.

Since the early to mid-morning light is better, when I started my ride, I’ll return to Arroyo Park, and show you the ocotillo forest in full bloom. Stay tuned…

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  1. The most ocotillos, and the broadest and tallest, that I’ve ever seen are in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Billions and billions and billions of them. With over 600,000 acres, it’s the largest state park in California and the second-largest state park in the nation.

    I saw some large ocotillos there, but didn’t explore enough all my times years ago, sticking to the W end of the park. I only have a photo of a larger one. Yes, Carl Sagan’s would use that number to describe how many are there!


  2. I’m betting deer leave ocotillo alone, but I don’t have the space to give one the room it deserves. I do have one cholla and am continually struggling to find it a suitable spot, away from foot traffic, with room to grow. I might try potting it up and placing it out front with the portability intended to allow me to do work safely in proximity. I feel that would only work short term though.

    Ocotillo and cholla – while I deeply admire the form of both, they aren’t easily worked into a suburban garden setting. Which is one reason these photos are so attractive to me – showing me what I don’t and potentially ought not try to have!

    I think you’re right on deer leaving them alone, and they are one of the few plants our killer conejos (rabbits) leave alone during drought. I used to have silver chollas in (3) black glazed pots – just 4′ back from the dining chairs! You’d be surprised how they can work in, but they do need space…maybe as a unique focal point?


  3. Ocotillos are just the most beautiful plant! I wonder if they would grow in a pot? Beautiful place for a bike ride!!!

    They do grow in pots – very large ones. I’ve seen some stuffed into smaller tinajas sold in the Big Bend region, but they need 3′ min. inside diameter…you should try that.


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