Tour: Morning in a Sunset Garden

Back to my neighbor Joel’s duo of houses on the recent garden tour, right here in Sunset Heights. His home was apparently built from a Sears & Roebuck kit! Giving new meaning to “craftsman”.

Is it any wonder morning light is my favorite in the desert? I’m an addict after 23 years and counting.

My current neighborhood may be hard and in the process of entropy, but it beats gentrification from the lucky.

Living in the warmer reaches is USDA Zone 8 or Sunset Zone 10 has its benefits. Incredible breezes waft through much of the time, as Sunset Heights is located above the stuffy air of downtown and central El Paso.

And we also have great sunsets!


3 Replies to “Tour: Morning in a Sunset Garden”

  1. Wow! If that’s a chocolate daisy it’s the most beautiful one I have ever seen.

    That’s it! Many prime specimens of Berlandiera here, but this is among the best…FYI gravel mulch, faces west, rocky soils, breezy, (really) low humidity.


  2. You know how bad I am at plant IDs (even on plants many people seem to know!) but I’m game to take a stab. To me, that looks a lot like Solanum rantonnetii/ Lycianthes rantonnetii – Blue Potato Bush.

    Always enjoy your comments with coffee before I head down to the office! Thanks…I wondered if it were a potato vine relative…cool, a new plant for me. Ahhh, zone 8b…


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