Tour: Rock House

I’ve always enjoyed the occasional rock houses in Kern Place, even before all that neighborhood’s midwestern landscaping was being removed.

Now, it’s even more grounded in our desert region. The rock really resonates with not only the adjacent, rocky desert mountain range, but it describes the rugged durability of the southwest.

From 4/11/2014, on a day as perfect as it looks –

Do you get overwhelmed with some of the huge homes and gardens on some garden tours? I do, and I’m all about picking small vignettes from each. And I’m more than weary from all the horticulturally-dyslexic gardens on other tours, once I left my own garden.

Seeing outdoor living without gestures to waste and blah, where ordinary materials are made pleasing and of-place, is so refreshing.

I’ll post on other homes each week, hopefully…I did get 250+ photos on the tour last weekend!


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  1. Rock houses are a favorite and you’re right, local materials make sense aesthetically and emotionally. Great tour and wonderful restraint on the part of the gardeners, something I envy!


  2. I must admit that I’m envious! I’d love to see a tour of ‘typical’ sized gardens, which are more relatable to the average person. I’m happy to see the woolly butterfly bush in front of the rock house – it deserves to be used more often.

    I still wish I could have gone on the Phoenix Home and Garden Tour…some great design among the more decadant. I’ve finally specified that Buddleia into some designs…finally. Thanks to one residential client in Albuquerque reminding me of that forgotten plant.


  3. Sweet homey-home. It looks like someone’s home, not a curated magazine spread. There was a river-rock house in my old neighborhood–rock houses are cool!

    That is very true…even apartments in coastal cities are now “curated” and uber expensive, every time one is featured online. I need to get pics of the river cobble house blocks from this rock house.


  4. This house is so charming and the garden suits if perfectly! I could so live here. Really fun the way you created the collage and then the little descriptions pop up!

    Yes, a nice fit, only a few other things I might do, especially back. I had no idea on that photo gallery view until the designer tried it out on my future blog location…only bad thing is it doesn’t allow me to add text between pictures, but that even forces me to write less!


  5. That house and garden are both so perfect for your region! I’ve seen rock houses in other parts of the country, and they just don’t look right. Looking forward to more from the tour.

    I’ve seen some rock homes pull it together, but like the use of boulders, it rarely works without local ecology having those rocks.

    I was one of the few who cringed seeing red sandstone rock in valley areas (where no processes exist to allow boulders, or really anywhere in town…far from granite or some basalt…never sandstone. And client requests for boulders and ground materials irrelevant to their locale and plantings…”next!”


  6. Very nicely done, the landscape and the house work so well together. Small gardens are easier to visualize for most tour attendees. Caesalpinia gilliesiii may be invasive but it sure is pretty. Horticulturally dyslexic?

    “Horticulturally dyslexic” a term from another LA who is what he accused another LA of – using something like japanese maples with cactus in the desert, then watching one or both die…or using good, native plants as rare accents and thirsty, non-native plants as the majority in the same landscape.

    It was very relaxing, and once the 2 year old landscape grows in, it should be stunning. I agree on that Caesalpinia…they’re everywhere (and pop up everywhere else), but not a problem in the middle of the city like a more damaging tree of heaven or elm might be.


  7. Thanks for the rock house tour. Now I know what color to paint our metal lawn chairs.

    Wait until you see next door…two artists did great little things with each spot.


  8. What a lovely space, so focused and subdued. The owners look quite relaxed out back. I’m impressed with their garden spaces and their ability to host a tour without obviously stressing. And those blue chairs – just the right pop of color year round without having to water or weed either one. Looking forward to seeing select of the other 200+ photos you got!

    Very relaxed, and my telling the owners how the camera wasn’t picking them up in the shade must have tricked them! (and me too, my point-and-shoot screen didn’t even show them) Blue chairs…I had some and they popped just like you say. 200 to go…but I did seperate most out into each house.


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