New Blog’s Posts

There are still “kinks” to work out at my new website’s end, but here’s some blog posts to look at, though you have to scroll through all to  see one:

CH-CHANGES: AUSTIN TO EL PASO, AND FAST – a quick photo log of what moister, greener lands look like, as they change into the arid desert:

Ozona TX…before the 1st agave was planted east of there

Can you almost taste the biscuits and I-don’t-mean-green-chile gravy?

A BIKE-HIKE TEST: NEW BLOG LOCATION – some phone photos from my recent hikes and a mountain bike rides, where I get in serious but outdoor work-outs in my little part of the Great American Southwest:

El Paso on Monk’s Trail…just an everyday scene

Except for the cloud cover, that is.

People vacation from all over the world just to get a taste of our region’s amazingly bold scenes and just-as-amazing dry atmosphere. Not digital gimmicks or feel-good downtown stadiums and unaffordable, disconnected urban renewals.

it even tried to sprinkle a few drops

So, enjoy!

I’ll announce it when I move the blog, but for now given the glitches (and my day “job”), just keep reading here…at the original location!


3 Replies to “New Blog’s Posts”

  1. Love the new location, the new look. It’s definitely going to be worth the effort once you have everything pulled together!

    I agree, should be refreshing from all the effort it might take on my old 2004 blog…soon!


  2. You mean, buttermilk biscuits and SAUSAGE gravy, don’t you D? And, can I get you some more tea, your ice all melted….

    Love the way the new blog is looking – rolling over those photos is so much fun – I think I lost a good half hour playing with that.

    Once upon a time people would tease that you could not “know” a place if you’d never left the airport, now it seems developers and planners are trying to recreate the airport experience city wide. Style with no substance, scrims rather than scapes. Ugh. Glad you’re around to keep folks honest.

    Exactly…and that’s not chorizo or chile with the sausage. True on the iced tea.

    Still figuring out why one post (bike rides, or the travel one) is overlapping and not showing the title right. I may try to repost that one.

    Airports and cafes with airport food…generica!


  3. YOU would notice that house, 1st pic.

    Biscuits. Like them too many ways. Honey from the garden, jam from the garden, egg from the garden, need to work on the bacon !

    Of course strawberries & creme too, now I need the cow.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    Ha! It was right before lunch, too. The important thing with biscuits, bacon and eggs or not, is to also enjoy them in the garden!


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