Spring Keeps On – Blog Announcement

A quick note on spring in El Paso, and the latest on this blog / my website.

1) El Paso has had almost-late spring weather, until yesterday – it hit 89F twice, each a record. Though I’ve been caged in my office with loads of pressing work, while out on the trail or doing errands, the mesquites are green and growing…that’s spring here. Another frost is unlikely.

A few locals have reminded me of two April weekends in the 1980’s, when El Paso got dumped on by over a foot of snow…

2) In my “spare time”, I’ve been working with a local graphic and web designer on my design practice’s updated branding materials, such as business cards and my website. Part of this involves integrating my blog and website.

My old website was built in 2003, before I’d heard of blogs; so much else has been developed in recent years.

Soon, you’ll access It’s a Dry Heat via my new website, or vice-versa, or – ?

stay tuned

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  1. We hit 89 here in DFW last week too. It won’t be long before we wish it was only 89. Good luck with the technology. It is hard keeping up sometimes.

    This week it’s dust storms…still warmer than usual. You’re right – 89 will be rare in a short time. Technology…can’t live w/o it!


  2. Change is the constant. Had zero clue blogging would become what it has to my business. Began the blog to have pics for clients. Instead, it is bringing in the work.

    Created new business cards recently. Took the plunge, it is where most of the money arrives, and put my general contractor on 1 side, me on the other. Of course he knows he’s on back !!!!!!

    At some point, not too distant, must make my blog the top generator of revenue. Could already do that, but installing landscapes is important too. The WORK must be built. Blog revenue is long distant design, lecture….

    The chaos of installation work with weather, scope changes, materials unavailable, constant price increases from suppliers, traffic, you know the drill . XOT

    We must talk more on a blog as a revenue generator, and doing designs for your locale or remotely – while getting all built.

    Your having a tight relationship with a contractor is key…to have that in other locations would also be critical. I must talk with a huge, nationwide GC I work with on some projects here, for insights…does many hospitals…complex work & trades. Must be some exceptional ability to plan, orchestrate when based out of Birmingham AL…and work in El Paso or South Carolina.

    Business cards or online presence, enjoyable when one can squeeze it in. Having your contractor on the other side of your cards…wow!

    At least weather has minimal impacts on jobs here…mostly variations on temperature, with “sunny, dry”.


  3. In the Northwest we have some dandy mosses.
    Nothing to compare with, though our shrooms and weed(s) can’t be sniffed at!

    Ha ha! And on that note, I should post on some unique patio containers, at a garden I know of in the foothills west of Denver…


  4. Exciting stuff – congratulations. Sounds like a lot of work is about to pay off, ether wise. Can’t wait to see it all unfold – wherever that happens!

    Slowly but surely…too bad I can’t wear one hat long enough, but at least I don’t have a hat head. Me too!?!


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