Rules For Garden Stalking

Some scenes from a quick errands and meal run, before the drive home. When the nearest Trader Joes and Elephant Bar are now 260 miles away, it’s a job that must be done.

Almost forgot to post these, from 12/2013!

spikiness galore
spiky plants galore for dead-of-winter interest
Hesperaloe funifera in pots look great…may get interesting when they send up their 12’+ bloom stalks
a big thumbs up to Yucca rostrata and Chrysactinia mexicana

And a thumbs down to yet more Festuca ovina glauca used in hot, dry and exposed medians in a desert town. Really?

Thompson Broom / Baccharis x Starns adds needed winter interest to all the paving

Then, things got interesting, finishing my last photos.

I was handed this by an attentive security person

Respect, crime prevention, and winter-green shrubs must all relate in the heads of those who do hostile acquisitions, and so on. And too much necktie wearing just might stop oxygen flow to the head!

There wasn’t a problem until the main shopping area. And the young security man was very polite, which made it all better.

I asked him about all the people who take photos of they and their friends here, or at other shopping centers. He smiled, and said “you just figured out how to be fine taking photos here!” Just bring a friend, a future reference!

#8 does sound like me
some take being proprietary a bit far, for what’s easily visible
the last of Quercus buckleyi fall color; it should be safe to take this while stopped at a red light…I hope! (knock knock…)

But not a problem. After all, I know who was doing the portion of planting design working here, for well over a decade before :-)

Onward, as it’s 14 months later, spring, and everything is starting to flower and leaf out.