Solitude After the Storm

Like clockwork, I was getting ready and out my windows it started to snow. By the time I finished breakfast, I had to do more than just warm up the car to get to my office. But really not much, just the initial shock.

Photos 1/22-23/14 –

EP Snow-Wallace02_2015-01-22-Sml
time to scrape away…my potted agave in the blowing, snow
EP Snow-Wallace01_2015-01-22-Sml
I’m sure this looks odd
EP Snow-UTEP02_2015-01-22-Sml
at UTEP, just a dusting on Chilopsis linearis trunks and groundcovers

Our urban heat island and warmer ground is keeping the gusty, icy snowflakes from even piling up.

EP Snow-UTEP01_2015-01-22-Sml
this made a prettier picture than it felt on my chin

My wool touque doesn’t protect my cheeks and chin, and I had to take my heavy winter gloves off for the photo. Needless to say, I didn’t stay long!

EP Snow-UTEP03_2015-01-22-Sml
light dusting on Yucca faxoniana, Y. torreyi, Y. rigida, Nolina microcarpa

And like clockwork, by noon the weather service restated our 100% chance of snow with 2-4″ of snow expected. I told someone discussing that with me, how with such certainty, “you know it will stop by mid-afternoon as the sun peeks out”. 3 pm, that’s exactly what it did.

EP Snow-RimEPHS01_2015-01-23-Sml
after a day at work and a night of rest in my warm abode, Friday dawned
EP Snow-HikeSolitude01_2015-01-23-Sml
all that’s left by my sunset hike, through the same ocotillos when it’s warm

There’s something about winter’s rest, complete with a patch of snow crusting over in the chill. It’s quiet, not a sound but a bird. Not even wind.

EP Snow-HikeSolitude02_2015-01-23-Sml
almost looping back home, solitude and serenity

5 Replies to “Solitude After the Storm”

  1. Hey David, I admit to not fully understanding the entire blogger/google problem outlined, but whatever you write, wherever you are posting, I WILL be dropping by for inspiration!
    I’ve let my blogspot Bay Area Tendrils blog go fairly dormant. Is that the issue with content being lost?
    Stay warm :-)

    Good to hear from you, I thought you disappeared! The blogger-google problem is about losing control of one’s images, and a lack of user-friendly interface on their part to manage and easily keep each on one’s blog. 69F today…a perfect break!


  2. Before this post I often thought you should write a book focused on something like what to plant where. Right plant, right place and all. Now I’d recommend a book of prose with photos of plants as inspiration.

    Thanks, S. Fox. I had thought like you, plus a couple books and booklets I started (20 yrs ago)…your idea could be good. I better get a better camera! (my mind is churning)


  3. An occasional snow is a treat! It looks like you made the most of it. The cacti with snow gives such a feeling of desolation. Happy to know you have a warm adobe to retreat to.

    Yes, just enough here to know it’s definitely winter, and plenty of cold all 2 months of winter! Desolation is true…I never thought of that. Too bad it’s just an abode :-)


  4. Wow, so pretty! Love to see that snow on the cactus. makes me happy I’m not in Wisconsin!

    It’s hard to resist a picture of snow on desert plants, and I hear you on Wisconsin…and sometimes this place!


  5. I spent 4 winters in Utah and it was eerie how many times it started snowing during the morning commute. I’m sure it is simply a function of the sun rising or some other element that times out in tandem with reporting for work, but I recall so many mornings there sitting in traffic watching blowing snow and wishing, HARD, that I was back in Texas. Next time I’ll know to wish a little more specifically – to be back in Central Texas! Stay warm!

    I’ve wondered about that, and you may be right on human habits and the time of the colder temps. Evening rush hours in winter have made for a challenging hike or MTB ride for me in Abq, and even here. And more than once ending a ride in the foothills, passing cactus and low trees in some sleet and fog was magical…as commuters just below me are having a bad time!


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