Solitude After the Storm

Like clockwork, I was getting ready and out my windows it started to snow. By the time I finished breakfast, I had to do more than just warm up the car to get to my office. But really not much, just the initial shock.

Photos 1/22-23/14 –

EP Snow-Wallace02_2015-01-22-Sml
time to scrape away…my potted agave in the blowing, snow
EP Snow-Wallace01_2015-01-22-Sml
I’m sure this looks odd
EP Snow-UTEP02_2015-01-22-Sml
at UTEP, just a dusting on Chilopsis linearis trunks and groundcovers

Our urban heat island and warmer ground is keeping the gusty, icy snowflakes from even piling up.

EP Snow-UTEP01_2015-01-22-Sml
this made a prettier picture than it felt on my chin

My wool touque doesn’t protect my cheeks and chin, and I had to take my heavy winter gloves off for the photo. Needless to say, I didn’t stay long!

EP Snow-UTEP03_2015-01-22-Sml
light dusting on Yucca faxoniana, Y. torreyi, Y. rigida, Nolina microcarpa

And like clockwork, by noon the weather service restated our 100% chance of snow with 2-4″ of snow expected. I told someone discussing that with me, how with such certainty, “you know it will stop by mid-afternoon as the sun peeks out”. 3 pm, that’s exactly what it did.

EP Snow-RimEPHS01_2015-01-23-Sml
after a day at work and a night of rest in my warm abode, Friday dawned
EP Snow-HikeSolitude01_2015-01-23-Sml
all that’s left by my sunset hike, through the same ocotillos when it’s warm

There’s something about winter’s rest, complete with a patch of snow crusting over in the chill. It’s quiet, not a sound but a bird. Not even wind.

EP Snow-HikeSolitude02_2015-01-23-Sml
almost looping back home, solitude and serenity