Waking Up in a New Place

You might be able to guess where I just travelled to.

Phoenix dactylifera, fog, old buildings

The City by the Bay?

any more ideas, when I add the Washingtonia palm?

Or somewhere else near the California coast, about to take a morning walk near the beach? Then, enjoy a bold coffee and croissant, as I read e-mails, do a blog post or even work remotely?

how about adding more of the building?
fog trying to lift, Cupressus sempervirens…any more clues?

No, I woke up in my own place in El Paso’s Sunset Heights. It was the fog that transported me to another place.

The effect is amazing even with recent cool and gloomy weather in El Paso.

Unusual or typical weather can offer clues where we are, or our gardens are. Whether failing to thriving, in-place to out-of-place.

still here…Yucca torreyi and the top of a Cupressus sempervirens

Do you often see fog where you live? I bet more than some realize.

Where I live is the exposed tailbone of the Franklin Mountains, where wind or a breeze are so common. So, I’m surprised when moisture and calm come together as much as they have here. Though it was 29F when my photos were taken on 1/15/2014…probably not San Francisco!

Some places in order of their average days / year with fog * –
194 Houston TX
165 Seattle WA
164 Philadephia PA
159 Atlanta GA
123 Portland OR
120 San Antonio TX
118 Austin TX
108 San Francicso CA
102 San Diego CA
96 Oklahoma City
56 Denver CO
16 Albuquerque NM
9 El Paso TX
7 Phoenix AZ
3 Tucson AZ

* recorded at an official weather station (source 1, source 2)