Mass y Mas

A common ingredient of good designs, anywhere, is massing! Masses grab the eye yet create serenity. Depending on budget and ability to maintain, one can add details to cause the eye to feast even more.

Mas = more. More plants.

Mass does not mean monoculture, necessarily. But hodge-podge means only hodge-podge. Photos from last month:

Sierra Prov E MOB-DeergrassCoahHesp-Sml
Hesperaloe funifera and Muhlenbergia rigens (pre-butchering)
Sierra Prov E-ApachePlmMesq-Sml
native Fallugia paradoxa (pre-butchering) and Prosopis glandulosa
rock ledges and arroyo bottom plants, extending as far as the eye can see…Bouteloua spp. clumps in repeat mode foreground

There’s also nobody out here to turn every plant into a pineapple or gumdrop, either :-)

the pale blue bumps – Tiquilia greggii in a football-field-sized mass…more rock outcroppings dancing together

Much to where these plants grow is from soil types, and where the moisture collects or doesn’t.

more geology in the background…in front, Larrea tridentata mostly dotting the low foreground, knitted with clumping desert grasses

Writing both of my blogs, the most popular garden places I’ve posted may be trips to Austin and San Diego. The former has many garden blogs, but the latter has just a few that I’ve seen. At 3.25 million people in their metro area (and their gardening climate), I would expect more blogs…ditto Denver’s metro area (and their whiplash climate) at 3 million.

As usual, others are often interested in other things than me. I hope no one gets too bored with more posts of my horticultural life and times, and where I am!