Done: Boulders and Bike Racks

The bike racks are in, and everything is finished and adjusted. What was a late start to winter is firmly in place, without any doubt.

At least I don’t feel bad about work deadlines, to cut into my mountain biking and hiking…it’s no fun to do that in long pants, bundled up! 45F is it and I’m thankful we’ve dodged the last couple 1-2″ snowfalls.

Make that 41F mid-afternoon, yesterday at Sierra Providence East –

these final boulders really make the impact
the contractor set the agaves and boulders nicely
bike racks were the last remaining work item

Am still not sure how this Bermudagrass sod is staying so green in this cold.

Nor am I sure these bike racks wil get much more use than the last-minute, conference-driven, dont’cha know planned vegetable garden and movie wall will. But I hope to be wrong on all three…

the MP Rotator irrigation heads are working fine

I’m trying out MP Rotator heads at a few different projects, that have smaller spaces and heavy soils, since they slowly put down water, allowing more to soak in. Plus, the water droplets from rotary heads are heavier and larger than those on spray heads, with less loss to evaporation.

We’ll see!

more well-placed boulders at the physician entrance

Not to mention, some very dormant red oaks following some nights in the teens above zero. It’s almost always 3-5F cooler out here than the middle of town where I live, especially at night. And that’s a few degrees cooler at night than my office, which may be zone 9a.

I think it’s not only odd for those oaks’ growth habits and foliage shape to be what I specified, Quercus buckleyi, but so is the loss of every leaf after turning. Red oaks as a whole usually keep their brown leaves until spring.

I’ll close out with some Texas exceptionalism!

“Secede? Y’all are lucky we don’t invade!”

(that on a recent bumpersticker sighting)

Something about that Texas flag, when it’s in a good context, that gives me a bit of pride in my new state. Even if it’s only by a few miles.

So, tip your bottle of Shiner, and enjoy some good BBQ…hopefully, you can get it where you live :-)