Sun City?

Years ago, hanging out with some fellow OU alumnuses, one remarked what they thought of Albuquerque winters – the way “everything has to come together for it to snow”.

They should live in El Paso.

A day after Santa’s visit, we had our first snow. The sun didn’t even come out for 2 days, including for…drum roll…the Sun Bowl! Photos 12/26/2014 –

3780′ – at my place in Sunset Heights

Can you almost see it falling and on my car window? Large flakes over 1″ in size fell for an hour, but I wasn’t yet dressed up to venture outside, except during smaller snow flakes either side of that for another 45 minutes, or so.

Our 5″ / year average snowfall must come from one huge dump and then nothing for three or more winters, plus some creative measuring. Though I’ve heard about those Aprils in the 1980’s, with an accumulation either side of 12″ both times. Even if that’s really 12 cm., I fear driving these hills with these drivers if that happens again!

the first wintry vista, where I-10 rounds the hills W of UTEP

Our area got needed moisture, or so I thought. About .15″, but that beats 0.

the dusting…on warmer days, I’ve mountain biked up this bajada
cold solitude
an Ocotillo frames the mountains
4600′ – where Transmountain Road was closed to uphill traffic

No more going up further…a mere 2″ at the 5280′ pass, but exposed and icy there, or so I was told.

snow brings out the scent of Creosote Bush, too
Torrey Yucca lightly dusted
Sotol also in the White Christmas motif
I took photos of almost every time it snowed on the desert…such sculpture

My favorite part of this event might be the people having fun.

the little redhead girl about ready to hit dad with a snowball!

Those cute El Pasoans scraping up all one inch of it, spoken by someone who grew up partly in Denver!

I remember back in ’82, when we shovelled 3′ of it, after digging out from a 12′ drift…

when I was the ages of the youngest in Belgium, there were no cactus to dodge…both times it snowed in 4 years

When I lived in San Diego, a few people told me they drove 1+ hour up to the mountains after a high elevation snowstorm, to load their truck beds with snow, then back to dump it in their front yards.

shorts…maybe it’s a “dry cold”
still dressed for the Florida on their license plate
almost a snowlfie
geology and layering under a brooding sky
RE: geology…almost reasonable prices for trips like this!

6 Replies to “Sun City?”

  1. Reminds me of a little camping trip to the Mojave Preserve over MLK weekend in January…pointy plants with snow all over them. Really beautiful out there! The shot with the snow outlining the geological folds is really terrific.

    Happy 2015!

    Thanks, and same to you for ’15! I’ve only camped in the desert in winter a few times, c-ccc-cold, but never snowed…that must be surreal to awaken to.


  2. Beautiful. Snow on the prickly pear.

    Stay warm. And, Happy New Year!

    Always a sight, and I will. Happy NY, too…we need a new year, after our teams’ bowl games, too!


  3. The desert is beautiful with a dusting of snow. Dad deserves a snowball from his daughter for wearing shorts!

    Ha! That’ll teach him, after telling his kids to bundle up for the cold, but dad doesn’t need to!


  4. If it ever does snow here in Central Texas – or even sleet with any persistence – many of us feel a deep need to document how differently the world appears when iced. Bottom line, I’d much rather read about and look at photos of your snow and ice than live through much (if any!) here. Happiest New Year to you and yours!

    Thanks, and you also have a great New Year. I am with you on snow staying away…that 1982 blizzard in Denver / entire day with 3 of us digging out of 3′, is a big reason why. It almost always snows a few inches here, and that’s enough!


  5. It’s official – more snow for you than for us here in PDX! Here’s hoping it stays that way. Oh, and seriously? Under $2 for a gallon of gas? That’s crazy!

    Ha ha, we look to dodge this next big system, but not the old home! Too bad the gas prices are trumped by beef prices…oy!


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