Blue, Red, Green

On the theme of contrasts, on an otherwise dull day on an ordinarily dull and painful project. Crazy deadlines, not enough time or budget to do much once again. But it beats going broke!

Sierra Providence East, the new ER, from 10/2014 and warmer days –

Hesperaloe parviflora top, Leucophyllum langmaniae ‘Rio Bravo’ slope, Juniperus monosperma low, with…

I know it’s sparse, but these new planting masses will fill in this vast space. Blooming, waiving in the wind, and so on.

an ambitious blonde found their way here…Blue Grama / Bouteloua gracilis

No, this isn’t a “small budget” of the spoiled and special. It’s a real small budget, at least given the large areas.

To get the owner to add this landscape area and also pay for that alternate landscaping (an upcoming post), I literally applied 1/3 to 1/2 of the plants from a dense planting in that alternate area and then used them at this location. But it worked, though sparse.

Think of it as maintainable and minimal. Minimalism is the new Baroque, don’t you agree?

Yucca rupicola with ‘Franklin Red’ wall rock and gravel mulch…
apologies for my fingerprints on the glaucous foliage…

Just enough of that waxy blue coating to take El Paso aridity, amazing since this is a plant of 4x our precipitation and humidity within the north Texas pariries.


3 Replies to “Blue, Red, Green”

  1. If sparseness is the new baroque then can late be the new early?

    I think that Y rupicola is gorgeous. I agree these plants will fill in as needed and certainly appreciate a post that reflects many of my own situations at home. Too little time, too little money, too few plants to get immediate impact. Those are my usual working conditions!


  2. This will look good once it grows in–nice contrast of color & form.

    I’ve been swamped; appreciate the emails of your posts. Often read without commenting, although I always learn something.

    Hope your holidays are good. We might be coming out your way next year, would be great to visit.

    You bet, glad you’re getting some tidbits of info out of my occasional posts! You both also have a great holiday, and let me know when you’re coming through town, and we’ll try to meet for lunch or dinner.


  3. Doing more with less is the new excess? That Yucca rupicola is a good color and form. I have a tiny one from Madrone Nursery that I hope will look that good someday.

    Red and green, rarely enough of either type of green in any project. They will grow in as you say.

    Have a good holiday!

    Your’s is good and it even rhymes, S. Fox. They are slower than other yuccas in my experience, except the monster flower stalk…those rocket fast. And at least you or this hospital won’t over-water…now I know why a client’s struggled.

    You and N. Fox as well!


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