What’s Going On?

But nothing on Marvin Gaye here! Even if I’m really too busy at work to do something with my own place, I deserve a few tiny breaks – even as I pay dearly for each one, more and more.

It’s time for my own patio, the only garden space I have of my own. Photos from either side of Thanksgiving 2014 –

it was another productive day at the office…
until UPS dropped these behemoth boxes off…

I thought, “I shoulda’ taken off for 4 hours, to sit at home and receive all this stuff *there*”. Good thing self-suffiency is how I roll.

And too bad I didn’t stick with UPS when I was a driver trainee out of college in an economy as hostile to new LA grads as today. But I digress…

when I placed my order, I figured out 20 inches cubed, then times 3, would fit into my car, plus me to drive it home…
voila…measurements fine, it’s the box each was shipped in…
turns out these cracks weren’t cosmetic on some coating…1/3 exchanged…
this looks less crowded and massive than it is…but 3’s OK?

Also, my conceptual master plan design is coming along, for the exterior spaces where I’m living. At the least, the area by my unit should get planted…at the most, the whole place will be be renovated and planted mostly how I propose, over time.

Even if that timeframe is beyond when I move.

No problema, since I’m a long-term guy – not a fad-fashioner or artiste :-)

or are 2’s OK?…you know these will get some serious plantings, right?
the 2 one side and 1 opposite may work, too…stay tuned…more to come!

The mountain bike is getting stored elsewhere, the railing planted with a dense, fast-growing and evergreen vine. And inspiration will soon intersect with what works in my shady spot of the Sun City!

8 Replies to “What’s Going On?”

  1. It’s good to get your planters in place before adding soil and plants. Hopefully the planters by themselves aren’t too heavy. I think I’m with the 2+1 crowd, especially if you add plants that are likely to sprawl a bit. Plantings are going to do wonders for that outdoor space!

    They aren’t too heavy, though I had buyer’s remorse with their initial size when all 3 were together! Now on the look for some tall centerpieces…if only I could overwinter some big, leafy tropicals with something tall…yes.


  2. A touch of modern with the old style works. Two and one is less crowded. Bamboo muhly flops a lot, especially in the shade and might be annoying. If you don’t need evergreen then a touch of tropical like cannas would work there.

    This must be one of my ways to exercise my thing on eclecticism! Thanks on 2 & 1, and esp M. dumosas issues…canna might be nice to compliment the year-round part? Great idea, and “the check’s in the mail”.


  3. Yep, I like the 2 and 1 set up as well, and spy plants inside the 1. Look forward to seeing the finished plant-up!

    Great confirmation…I’m sensing shades of Danger, Flora, and Rancho Reubidoux filtering in…


  4. Love those square planters, looking forward to seeing what you put in them!

    Thanks, they really pop and like most everything else here, they are a departure from my norm!


  5. Those are going to look awesome! I know how much you must miss looking at some of your favorite plants while you enjoy breakfast tacos and coffee. :). Can’t wait to see what you plant in them!

    Thanks so much, and I might be taking some design inspiration from Rancho Xstyle in this. You’ve got it – breakfast taco and coffee views, or a grilled dinner! (with a sweater right now) From what I see here, I may have to drive to Tucson or Albuquerque for plants.


  6. I like the two and one arrangement personally, though I think either way will work well once planted. It depends on what you’d like to do with your chairs and table in terms of orientation to each other and the view.

    Those planters are going to bring a lot of design for your dollar I’m betting. I can’t wait to see what selections you’ll make. A clean slate like this is fun!

    Thanks for that, as my hunch is you;re right. The 3rd planter off to the side allows funriture to move and not feel too cramped. But I can always move them as 3. Now the plants!

    The open, feathery tall form of Bamboo Muhly seems a good tall plant in each, mingled with something leafy like Aucuba, then small agaves and other succulents under and something flowering. At least today. Finally some green, or at least living out there!


  7. Those planters are ripe with possibilities. Funny, I was just looking at them on the WE site myself. Look forward to seeing what you do!

    Thanks, and stay tuned. I did my 1st plant search earlier while out…but not the choices I would have in, yes, PDX! Foothills-type natives can take the shade with mostly indirect light. I debated container sizes, and how to get the most out of my patio (and justified costs:-)…square ones seemed better than round. Time to make a plant list…


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