Skyline Accents and Trees

Those who have never picked up their free pair of desert eyes often miss the basics that make desert landscapes what they can be celebrated for. The skies, and what points to them or softens them.

Even the tallest of the dismissive can stand under what they term as “shrubs”.

El Paso Community College northwest campus, 12/6/14 –

so common and thriving here…Desert Willow / Chilopsis linearis, Palm or Faxon Yucca / Yucca faxoniana…

Our slight scare how winter was beginning has thawed into the mildest December I may have seen in this region. We’ve not even hit freezing for 2-3 weeks, after a few more frosts and a few hard freezes.

Pointing skyward!

the bare winter form of one, the bold green of the other…

While we don’t count Sonoran saguaros as our skyline accents, we compensate with yuccas like Y. faxoniana.

I’ll check this out in May when the Chilopsis is in leaf and flower…

Do you have any locally native skyline accents to employ in the garden? Or any exotic ones adapted to your area? I’d be intersted in hearing about them!