Big: Not Just the Trucks

West Texas and it’s neighbors of New Mexico and Arizona have much in common: geography, culture and even some cuisine.

Many of those similarities must be insanely different from many coastal and international visitors’ realms. It’s fairly easy to see why people from even Austin or Houston visit! Photos from 9/27/2014 –

xeric Pinus edulis and Yucca faxoniana…

Happy together on nearby mountains, these two common plants don’t seem to mind being together at a relatively low 4,000′ elevation, either. The drip irrigation needs to be buried, to not be so unsightly, and some underplanting of compatible natives would really help.

always scalloped block and Italian Cypress somewhere………

While I like breaking down perceptions and elevating reality, there is a reason for some stereotypes. And that’s fine.

And I bet restaurants serve grits here, but not green chile – it might be 2 hours west for that.

any questions where we are…these are small trucks for here, though…

Now to something more typical, and more grand, stately Y. faxoniana; some on this hotel’s property look to reach nearly 20′ in height. When planted with live roots, they grow to a similar size in Albuquerque, where it’s often called Palm Yucca.

The coolest place I’ve seen this species still look good is Santa Fe, just smaller. I’m not sure how they mature in the hotter, low desert areas such as Palm Springs or Tucson.

a more typical truck for here…it’s huge…but the yuccas dwarf it

Can you imagine those yuccas instead of palms in a prominent garden location?


5 Replies to “Big: Not Just the Trucks”

  1. I always enjoy your posts as it’s been years since I’ve visited a desert area. It’s so different from everything here in the soggy lands. One would have to re learn to garden! Love both the yuccas and regular palms but then, I’m a plant slut.

    Thanks, and I should post extra in winter for my loyal PNW readers, for needed sun! Yes, spare here, but many principles the same…where water is or isn’t. I rolled in laughter at that term, 1st time hearing it 10 years ago!


  2. I like those yucca palms sooooo much better than “normal” palms!!!! Although they are growing on me.

    Must have more yucca!

    Louis, if you are reading this, I’m sorry ;)

    I like them all, but these Y. faxoniana plants are amazing…bold! How aboutyour berm in back, behind the beer garden?


  3. “in a prominent garden location”… You mean like my back yard? I could see those yuccas looking pretty stellar taking the place of the palms in my back yard.

    That might work…but give them room. Your central / south TX native Yucca treculeana is smaller in scale and could work, too?


  4. working with a new client now. tons of that scalloped edging. will turn it upside down for edging in her new potager. go me !!

    Good for you! I finally saw 2 good uses of it – one on a garden tour house in Phoenix, another right here as pavers.


  5. Planning a trip this fall to the west, I won`t get quite that far , but am looking forward to the stark rocky landscape.

    Going to your friend’s place in Terlingua? I still need to sit on the porch there, but not bad out here, either!


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