The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

…from the Ocotillo!

my late father, on some rare “time off” from flying…

Across the street from “Old Mexico”. Check!

Dad was stationed in Douglas, Arizona briefly, training as a pilot for “the war”. It’s Chihuahuan Desert Grassland, a few hours west of where I now live, which is Chihuahuan Desert Scrub. Of course I never had to be a prisoner of war, nor did I help raise 1 child let alone 6, nor was I an immigrant, and so on.

Was it destiny that I like the desert?

me in 1991…a favorite place in the San Diego County desert…

I wasn’t dancing, but it’s hard to see my foot rested on a rock. And naturally, I had my eyes closed for the pic.

Not far from the same age as my father in his picture, I had moved from San Diego only months earlier. 23 years later, I now live in the land of huge ocotillos!

El Paso, along Rim Road…last month

6 Replies to “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…”

  1. Great photo of your Dad!

    Thanks, I might include a photo or two with my parents, as those relate to some upcoming posts…


  2. Right now, it’s green green green there! So much rain down here. Absolutely gorgeous!

    I need to do a trip, since it’s so close. A good monsoon season for most!


  3. Fun comparison. That is one beautiful ocotillo. Just yesterday I purchased a small one to add in my own gardens. They do very well on a raised mound.

    When I saw his picture, I knew there was something…then I remembered my “dancing with ocotillo” pic, and voila! Can’t wait to see your’s.


  4. It is hard to know why certain areas speak to our souls the way they do. (are you SURE you’re not dancing in that photo??)

    Maybe there’s something to deja-vu! Maybe I was dancing inside, being out in the desert?


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