Litter Over Oregon

Before heading to my *air conditioned* office on yet another Sunday, I caught a glimpse of my favorite litter – flower blossoms, this time.

Then back to the office, to attack my piles of work – mostly other’s litter. “My bad, David, but we need this project yesterday…”

not my kind of landscape, but…
a brief bout of milder, wet weather made some Leucophyllum erupt in song…

Hopefully in a song more Mariachi than Selena…

glad the homeowners hadn’t gotten to this yet…

With some work challenges that arose, more than what I already cannot handle, I’m so glad I wasn’t able to schedule in or make the Garden Bloggers Fling in Portland this July. At least at some level. Too many things on my plate I had to accept, that would have dampened my enjoyment.

Yet, I enjoyed a small piece of Portlandia on a mid-July evening.

and we now know Oregon means agaves…plus salmon & cycling…
for a long dinner and one Oregon beer, following Tillamook cheese and another Oregon beer, I was there, looking at towering fir trees, cactus, madrones, and many plants I cannot even spell…

And thankful I wasn’t in El Paso, where it was 91F…at 10 pm…when our July’s supposed to be cooler, with a couple rains each week.

But only for a short time. I was in El Paso, and it was OK too.

8 Replies to “Litter Over Oregon”

  1. Perhaps you’ll make it up to Portland in the future for your own mini-Fling?

    I’m already pondering that over 2 weeks, sampling gardens and coffee/mountain biking/brews/wine/food from the north coast of CA to BC. In that order!


  2. you were definitely missed in portland david! looks like you’ve been a busy guy, but glad to see you’re taking the time to stop and enjoy the “rain” of blossoms around you.

    Thanks, maybe if I can just post the rest on my first fling in SF, that will be a start? Yes, taking time out for that is so needed…


  3. Ah! Local Pacific Northwest salmon is my favorite meal! I didn’t make it to Portland either. Hopefully I’ll see you at a future Fling.

    I only lacked an alder plank (my trusty one caught fire years ago…) I thought you went? Yes, hopefully one in the future!


  4. Pretty litter – and good choice on the IPA with that salmon. Next year for the Fling in Toronto?

    I must have been dreaming of cool winter days with that choice! I hope Toronto…another great place. (and Peameal bacon sandwiches:-)


  5. That flower litter is gorgeous in contrast to the lawn underneath and the wall above. Hopefully the landowners didn’t rush to address that so others could enjoy the accidental vignette created. (your dinner looked pretty nice too!)

    Yes! I still need to find my flower litter photos from north of Phoenix one spring, but from blue paloverde trees. Dinner was amazing!


  6. Ha! Swap out your beer for a BC microbrew and you can pretend you are in Vancouver with that same meal next time ;)

    True! I should ask my 2 favorite beer places here if they have some from BC.


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