Seaside Spikes

I like how San Diego works to warm you up in the winter, then cool you down in the summer. My plan was to do that this summer, but…

Don’t believe me? Check out all the license plates from Arizona and other hot areas on summer weekends, followed by all of the Canadian and northern license plates all winter. But one of us is checking out the interesting plants thriving all year.

Photos from 1/2014 –

Sunset zone 23 / USDA zone 10b – Mediterranean Fan Palm / Chamaerops humilis…those lush, green palms…

but ouch! (and the children…)

That was premature, though. A guy’s gotta eat first!

the carne asada burrito and greasy, sugary crisps were perfect…

Though avacado-obsessed San Diego somehow misses it by adding tomatoes to their guacamole. Why???

as good as my first time in 1989, a new San Diegan then…bless you!
Sunset zone 24 / USDA zone 11a – this front garden wouldn’t be as powerful without the specimen clump of Foxtail Agave / Agave attenuata…
Natal Plum / Carissa grandiflora has lush foliage, pretty and fragrant flowers…
and spines on twigs and foliage!
of course some spiny Ferocactus we cannot grow…
no ID on this, but that top looks like “Don King” is in the name…
I could come home to this, after a hard day at the office…

Except I chose the wrong major in college!

“…the ocean is a desert with it’s life underground…” – and not one blemish from a stressful winter or summer on those leaves…Agave americana…

Those show-off La Jolla residents. And about those snowbirds and desert rats clogging your beaches…and your taxes. Oh, never mind…it’s pocket change, and you go to undisclosed locations during tourist periods…

with the mild winter, Bougainvillea with insanely pretty blooms…
but peel off the leaves and blooms, and vicious spines…THE CHILDREN!
Hollywood Juniper / Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’…surf’s up!

2 Replies to “Seaside Spikes”

  1. Thanks for the preview, I think we’ll be visiting this winter, and I’ll be checking out the plants!

    You will definitely enjoy it…check out Cuyamaca College’s xeriscape garden, too.


  2. Ha! Don King indeed. And – “hollywood” juniper eh? “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!”.

    I’m one of those dreaded tourists to occasionally infest. On my first visit I left already hot Central Texas for SanDee to observe with delight I was in full sun and it was yet chilly in the breeze. Loved it then and love it still.

    It seems it would be a marvelous place to garden but they must have their own issues to grapple with, yeah? Everybody has something to accommodate for…

    At least Hollywood is that juniper selection’s real name! Having lived there, they have quite a few issues, but the climate part is right for many design ideas and plants. The tourists are amazing at those times of the year…living there and working, while so many were playing, was tough!


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