Night Effects

Leaving hours later than planned for my next day’s design session in Santa Fe, 75+ minutes out, just entering Albuquerque. It was a dark and muggy night…

Yet, I drove by a project of mine installed over the winter, and the parking lot and building lighting had some unintentioned consequences. I’m used to using landscape lighting to get some effects, and when not cheapened into something less, it does the trick. This is almost as good!

Photos 7/18/2014 –

young native and adapted plants, only…

Some water harvesting work looks missed, but overall it was great work.

the contractor did a good job sourcing plants…

And to think this was installed in the coldest few weeks of winter, last December. Plant availability then is even lower than it already is, so they did well!

Glad I gave options to plants chosen to facilitate that challenge.

Chaste Tree and 2 species of native Globemallow looking good

I can’t wait to see this in daylight. And that I did the next day – stay tuned.

4 Replies to “Night Effects”

  1. I remember this post back then – WOWZERS! This looks INCREDIBLE! In pic #2, what are the wee plants on the left along the wall?

    GOOD JOB, D!

    Thanks, X-style! Those wee plants = Trailing Germander / Teucrium chamaedrys. I’ve never posted on that plant; a mature planting, from my design at Walt’s old ‘hood – here.


    1. Oh wow! that is a pretty planting too!!!!!!!!! I think I’ll try that one. I have the lower silver one…actually come to think of it, you saw it here…you liked it.

      Yes, I remember your gray plant. The one I used takes Las Vegas heat, but like many things in the high desert, a few hours of shade helps…


  2. How cool is it that it was planted in December and looks so good even at night! You are a master of design for arid climates sir!

    Thanks, Mr. Outlaw! I’m in good company with some others – now to get the owners & maintenance “on-board”!


  3. You were smart to give them plant options. I can’t count how many times I believe I’ve researched just the right plant to fill a spot only to hit the nurseries and not find any. I’m finally learning to research 2-3 options for each space I want to fill and then I’m a little better able to roll with the nursery stock on hand. It will be interesting to see the same beds in daylight – a rare treat on a blog to see both day and night views.

    I need to leave plant options more, though when they aren’t ones I can live with…a big challenge! I was always able to find plants for my own yard, but not sure with my future patio containers. Thanks – night there will be day soon…


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