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Not having my own garden anymore, I’m concentrating on my design practice.

Someday, probably not until later this summer fall, I need to trick out what garden space I have – my patio. And probably bleed that into adjacent planting areas, landlord willing. That will likely include some fitting containers, maybe some paint, and minimal accessorization.

For now, I need to keep paying the bills. Here are some recent and new projects to help do that –

Crazy Cat Cyclery (retail)

the south, uphill side…the mountain biking side…more later:-)

Alamogordo Residence

bringing in light and form…a killer Sacramento Mountains view…

El Paso 1423 Missouri (retail)

El Paso Kern Place Residence

Albuquerque Residence (continued)

the reason…more than just solar panels, but a geothermal system…
the hope…also from after the 2011 record freeze of -8F-ish…Dasylirion texanum unscathed, about to be part of something fresh that we started in 2002…

Las Cruces Metro Verde streetscapes (continued)

El Paso Sierra Providence East Hospital, South Tower (continued)
Coming up soon –
I’m proposing on an oilfield park, to represent a working model of oil and natural gas production, within the setting of a museum destination . As the largest tax revenue producer in New Mexico, the oil and natural gas industry has more of a story to tell than many would guess, and this project is located in the heart of the oil-rich Permian Basin. Part of that story includes the natural geology and vegetation that thrives in such a harsh environment and with mankind’s changes; why not provide a place to do that,  including an inviting garden setting for holding classes and events?

There’s also a residential development I’m doing construction observation work on, with the potential to plan some other unique landscape enhancements to. All dependent on time and available funds, as the first phase is rather spartan. I’ll hold my other comments, but let’s say I know organization is key, but most clients seem not to. Albuquerque gave me motivation to become the client (unrealized so far), while El Paso’s even greater issues in that will either break me, or make me even more motivated to be the client (no further comment).

Hospital renovations for (2) older Tenet facilities – Providence Memorial Hospital and Sierra Medical Center, both just blocks from where I live. This time, for another architect working with the owner, a different vibe, and a different attention to the site and landscape. Small, but important spaces – how I roll.

A new Tenet facility – Sierra Providence West Medical Center. This one is larger than the one I designed several years ago to the east, though – my solo practice Quercus brought in another firm from Santa Fe, including one of my former bosses pre-1995! They seem perfect to associate with, to up the design caliber and help with production; the architect was concerned of a solo practice taking the large spaces on. Different office of same architect on above (2) hospital renovations. Surroundings was my suggestion, well-received, so us (3) principals involved are a good if motley crew to do it. One of them has more “energy” and “drive” than I (no further comment).

SPWMC Landscape Scan_06-23-14
I had to pinch myself…the firm I brought in, has the Civil Engineer host, the owner and us tree-huggers all refining last-minute…and the architect sketching with a vengeance…just wait!

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  1. As always, I look forward to seeing more of your innovative, sustainable designs!

    Thanks…trying, trying! (and to get everything done and paid up :-)


  2. That all sounds great, David! The oilfield park project is one I am looking fwd to hearing more on. You have such a positive attitude….a house with solar panels and why not make the oilpark more attractive …. :) :) :) :)

    Thanks, I hope to get that oilfield park project! A few weeks ago, I even had a call on a possible project at Western Refining here in town…


  3. You have plenty to be working on, and the collaborative project sounds intriguing. Great shot of the Dasylirion with snow in its skirts.

    Now to get them all done. That day with the snow by the Dasylirion was “the worst is over”!


  4. “An engineer, architect, and LA go into a meeting…” What a concept. Collaborate instead of throwing a set of drawings over the wall for the next firm to deal with.

    You have some great projects on the board and it will be fun to watch the progress.

    It was amazing how fast it happened, then we were all there. Even the results we wanted, and not having to just go along last minute. Fingers crossed!


  5. I’ve always wondered – when you love what you do commercially is it liberating to work on other people’s spaces or at the end of the day is it still just “work”?

    Can’t wait to see your projects realized – especially that personal garden space!

    It might be less liberating than if it were my own garden, and when it gets neglected or over-maintained/watered, then it’s a downer. Will keep you informed!


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