Lighting Up Some Chihuahuan Compadres

The clean air of a Chihuahuam Desert morning has incredible lighting. The breeze makes it even better.

Maybe that’s all real, or maybe it’s merely relative to the glaring oven of high-noon and afterwards?  You decide, but after all, this is typically our hottest few weeks of the year.

See what the light reveals. How can you manipulate what light does, to make the ordinary into the extraordinary?

More posts soon, including some work keeping me busy. From my 6/17/2014 hike –

typical plants in the wild, like Whitethorn Acacia / Acacia constricta…
Did you see anything else in the shadows?
Texas Rainbow Cactus / Echinocereus dasyacanthus, against the shady rock…this clump had a bloom on it during this past spring.




3 Replies to “Lighting Up Some Chihuahuan Compadres”

  1. That rainbow cactus is a beauty! How was the hike?

    Manipulate the light?….I wish….I’m boring….like that auto function ;)

    A good hike, but rushed with work waiting! I bet you can work the light, and some of that is what light does on its own.


  2. Great slow reveal of the cactus. It’s a beauty.

    Morning breezes are a saving grace this time of year, aren’t they? When it starts to cook in the afternoon I remind myself it will be cooler again come morning. The rest of the work will simply have to wait. The waiting is not a luxury landscape workers have and I often forget to be grateful that I am my own boss that way.

    Glad the work is keeping you busy but always happy when you have time to post as well.

    This area is the motherlode of rainbows, but few flowered this spring, again, so I missed more, that I keep seeing. Our afternoons are like a convection oven here, so glad I get to be inside! Now to catch up on posts…some I started in January…..


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