Wide Shot – 4/2014

I was sure I captured an overall view of a house around the block from this one, but no such luck. But this should do, from central El Paso –

Mexican Gold Poppy / Eschscholzia mexicana in full bloom

This house has many local and regional decorative trappings – see which ones you can find. Hint, several are a symbol of another state only several miles away.

For now, what really grabbed my view and made me late getting to my office, again!

The poppies in the wild showed no sign of blooming from all my mountain bike rides on the NE side of town where they occur. Yet in this front yard, there they are. Are they hand-watered some? Or is it the extra moisture-holding ability of the gravel?

Mexican Gold Poppy is native to upper desert slopes, often on desert grassland, from southern Arizona into the slopes of the Oscura Mountains on White Sands, to as far as the eastern slopes of the Franklin Mountains here in El Paso.

Ristras! 1 between every pair of posts…

Thanks Heather, for hosting this Wide Shot meme at your blog – here.


4 Replies to “Wide Shot – 4/2014”

  1. I love this! I think they have quite a mixed design that gives it a lush appearance. The stone wall makes for a really nice background and allows the vegetation to pop. There is a structure and formality but not an overuse of one shape. Reminds me of the desert version of Parque Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

    Hi, stranger! Thanks, that use of rock here is so unique, and I like your comparison to Parque Guell. And those poppies…


  2. Beautiful house and garden! Almost makes me want to move away from the soggy forests of Puget Sound.

    Those sunny scenes do entice – that neighborhood had some other gems I’ll post…


  3. Didn’t notice the ristras until you pointed them out – the poppies grabbed my eyes and wouldn’t let go. I am a total sucker for a field of flowers in bloom.

    Ha! I have a couple of those poppy plants but mine haven’t bloomed yet and I was wondering if I’d over-watered them. Then I was thinking they aren’t getting enough sun. One I can adjust but the other…ship, sailed!

    I added another photos of the ristras on the top portal…perfect spot and out of the wind. Ristras really need a sheltered location here, or they break and you get chile plants sprouting all over! Poppies = sun…amazed you found some.


  4. Now that is a striking estate! The stone wall the way it is makes it look like a castle with a poppy moat. I love the color of those poppies…and everything else! Symbols…..palms??????

    That it is…symbols could be plants (Italian Cypress, fan palms, cactus), but I was thinking all the chile ristras on both portals or porches…


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