Saturday Sky: 2/1/2014

Another mild morning today, but there was even a touch of humidity – a slight touch – and it really did feel and smell like it could rain. Silly me!

This past year or two, when commenting that it might rain, the response has been the dreaded “LOL” more than once. Even that week in September when areas from here well into Colorado were getting flooded, nobody believed it until many were under water.

Taken 2/1/2014 –

looking SE towards downtown, a milky sky…

FYI – there’s now a chance of rain and snow late in the week. I know, LOL.

during my successful breakfast taco run, looking towards the Franklin Mountains to the E…a dull, milky sky, mid-level clouds formed along all the mountain tops

7 Replies to “Saturday Sky: 2/1/2014”

  1. something super thrilling about that dark sky! Like something exciting is going to happen…

    And sometimes it does happen…usually when I go away and miss it!


  2. Oh the deep DNA desire for rain

    Wish I didn’t know it.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    Never enough, or too much! Amazing how resilient the right plants are.


  3. That’s quite an Newcastle ad at the bottom. I’m in you old stomping grounds in okc today. 2″ snow.

    Uh oh, I can’t view my ads…I’ll try to Google it, to see if I should have WordPress be more selective.
    Enjoy red dirt country!


  4. We have some light rain here, too. We really need more.
    Yesterday was Spring…we’re back to Winter today. Ugh…

    And you are where last year’s bounty starts to dry out…hope you get a wet spring.


  5. It is raining in SA now, very lightly but it is rain. It will probably register a trace on the scale enough to moisten the garden. More cold and freezes are behind it.

    All the good moisture is to your far N and our E…


  6. Fingers crossed we all get some rain – pronto!

    Yes, Oct-June our dry season in EP/NM, but this is crazy!

    Great graphic to see temperature and accumulated rain, for places in your area, over the year or past years. 2014 –
    I notice ATX Camp Mabry had >40″ of rain last year, but .45″ in Jan – that’s only .15′ more that *desert* Abq averages in Jan! And while media concentrates on CA’s drought (bad), saying 2 wet months here ends our drought (not), I only hear from you all that your 40″ is way more than what’s falling into your lakes and hill country aquifers. As everyone moves to ATX, SA, etc.


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