Sunday Sky: 1/26/2014

Our signature sky is back, after less sun for a few days. It’s barely up to 40F at photo time, but today’s high may near 70F –

our Franklin Mountains forming the jagged sky horizon, my ’09 ’10 El Paso High School ballfields project below…

I’ve heard the Inuit people have many words to describe different kinds of snow or ice, since that’s a large part of their life each year. Maybe desert-native peoples, or even El Pasoans, have different names for our variety of sunny skies?

…an unusually spindly Ocotillo, with a Torrey Yucca clump

I call it cobalt blue. I wonder about the landscapes and gardens we can create, that give justice to our deep blue skies, also withstanding the sun that pierces them?

No matter, it’s unlikely anyone can trademark that, no matter how catchy a name:-)

Musical pairing? It must be the dreamy, far-more-appreciative-for-sun-than-I, Portland, Oregon-based Laura Veirs – Sun Song


6 Replies to “Sunday Sky: 1/26/2014”

  1. Last comment got eaten! Sorry if you get this twice, D!

    Love the blue sky…I can’t get enough. Our neighbors painted their house that color ‘ish – looks so much prettier.

    I think you may want to change that to Inuit….

    Done! I meant to say Alaskan native, and I forgot I’ve read how some in Scandinavia and northern reaches of Russia also share such an array of words or terms for the white stuff…


    1. take out the t dude ;)

      Hey…what do you think of senna nemophila?

      Too much time on QuickBooks (by *Intuit* software), dude-ette! Senna nemophila – prob OK I’ll e-mail you.


  2. Now THAT is a blue sky! So pretty!!!! Our neighbors that used to BE the bird house (remember?) painted the house blue and fixed the holes. I like to imagine it is sky when I am in that area ;) It is not as pretty as yours,though. Oh and you likely wouldn’t know, but Inuit is the correct term you want to use. Still Canadian through and through. :) hey, what do you think of cassia bush??????????????

    Yes, and we get those here more than not. Cassia – depends on the species of it. But in the margin of z 9a, it’s worth a shot in full sun, if the right size…some get huge!


  3. Gorgeous photos! The sun may not always be so friendly to Texans (West or otherwise) but those cobalt skies are surely cherished companions. We have a warm day here in ATx with high clouds, a welcome change from the below freezing overcast skies that preceded.

    Thanks, and yes they are cheerful…today, that will take the chill away! Only a couple weeks to get through, and spring should start:-)


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