Exit and Entry

I’m taking a quick vacation from “winter”.

As much as possible, that is, without being [blah blah blah], yet with ample good clients and projects. 2014 will be good, maybe the best year yet? I’ve never said such a thing, so I might be really onto something.

It’s rough here, room temperature each day, so more posts on great landscape and ecological ideas on this trip to come…enjoy this broad-brush stroke for now.

El Paso to San Diego –

Adios Chihuahuan desert grassland (just W of Las Cruces)…only 10 hours to go

…but still not yet…foothills oaks, beargrass, sotols, agaves tucked into granitic boulders (W of Willcox AZ)…7 hours to go

I didn’t go to San Diego the long way via Albuquerque and LA, but one more range of bouldery mountains that look like those next to my last home, then one more Chihuahuan desert valley, then…

…the next day, enter San Diego in the cloudy morning…definitely not home with attention to even containerized plants at a shopping center…interest without one flower
…my favorite place to get coffee and hang out when visiting family in San Diego
…cool sign…almost Mid-century Modern…the mesas that make up Clairemont were developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, so the cool signage makes sense
…not home…what attention to detail…umbrellas, seat wall a similar color, in contrast to the now-blue sky…

It takes skill at design and adapting tried and true design principles. Most locales can create special places, when they elevate above those (i.e. the HOG) who can only regurgitate lame excuses; even without subtropical palms as part of the palette.

Do you see any plants familiar to the high desert, or other places that can be dry at times, used here?

or here?…it helps make the look that attracts the people bundled up on the patio, ready for a “harsh” winter day in San Diego…or the hipster woman zipping by with her caramel macchiato…she was almost the best dressed person here…

3 Replies to “Exit and Entry”

  1. Oops – neglected your question. I stink at plant id but it looks like they are using Mexican feather grass and some form of variegated yucca in the planters? (did I win anything??)

    You win a smile…Mx Feather Grass! But I do see blue gramas and gulf muhly here.

    The other a house plant in ATX, Mother-In-Law Tongue, but we can both use var. yuccas to get same effect!


  2. I have always enjoyed being outside in San Diego no matter the time of year – something I certainly can’t say about my home spaces here in Central Texas. I’ve wondered if the climate there yet presents its own challenges to gardeners – it seems to the casual outsider to be a pretty easy place to grow anything and everything. Maybe that is the hard part – deciding what to use when there are few to no limits?

    SD is much drier than ATX, avg 9″ rain / yr…1/2″ of rain last 2 months, and rainy season Nov-March, so 12 weeks to catch up. Then 0 rain Apr-Sept. ATX more conserving; So Cal still fescue lawns, irrigation running into streets, etc…a few conserve, tho. But room temperature most of year!


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