Saturday-Sunday Sky: 1/5/2014

Weekends may still be for work in my world, but I try to look up. Some of you need cheering up with sunny, clear desert skies, I gather! But don’t all of us?

My advance apologies for the 15% of the time the sun isn’t bleaching out burning a hole in something cheerfully shining here…

Hike near Anthony Gap, New Mexico, 1/5/14 –

nice to the north, so close yet so far

…though our chilly mid-high 40’s here were with clouds…but stunning scenery below…
These Texas New Mexico skies (by a few miles)!

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  1. Pretty scenery. Makes my sketching hands itch.

    Yes – everything from before Benson to past Van Horn is this very Chihuahuan Desert scenery! I think I may have to figure out how to sketch in thin gloves in winter…


  2. Nice.
    I didn’t use to like that kind of scene so much. But, I’m liking it more and more.

    I remember first liking the desert when I saw my first roadrunner near Gila Bend AZ as a kid, and that clean, sere vista of mountain, desert, and tall succulent.


  3. It is nice to be able to relish a sunny sky once the temperatures drop. We are having a pretty chilly start here in Austin today (22 degrees) and I’m ready for the high thin clouds to go away!!

    Looking forward to seeing the cacti and keeping fingers crossed there are a few that might be pressed into use here. A couple of nights well below the freezing point are a good reminder we need to avoid over-relying on tropicals. High desert cacti that take the heat and the chill both are probably much better bets!

    We were about that, but the blue skies returned today after a dull, gray weekend. The only trouble with plants this far west is your rainfall (when it rains, that is…) and humidity. But not always, and there are some interesting cacti I hear about in limestone in the southern Hill Country. True – balance to doing to much tropical or low desert in central TX!


  4. How the winter sun softens everything, the colors, the soil, the sky–and the harsh edges of summer are vanished.

    That it does soften, especially the high clouds. But I forgot to post a white furry companion I had…


  5. We had blue blue skies here today and I relished every minute of it! Thanks for adding yours to the mix.

    Nice, I need to post some of the very cool cacti I saw all over, when I get them ID’d!


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