Wide Shot – 1/2014

After errands and a rare lunch, I just had to stop by a project I designed a few years ago, that I’ve recently posted on here and here.

Remember that the Sierra Providence East Hospital is having an addition built? That work only includes landscaping only for the new inpatient tower and ER expansion, but I think it’s time to ponder what needs to be revamped where many El Pasoans walk and drive through, daily.

Photos taken New Year’s Eve, 12/31/2014 –

the survivors: yuccas, ocotillos, agaves and cacti, plus boulders…

Yes, the Texas flag was removed during construction, my fellow Texans. It and the US flag will once again fly together in front of the new building to the south, once this expansion is completed.

…but now too much negative space, especially where people walk in front…my creative gears are turning back to my original plan, pre-maintenance crews and pre-uber-freeze…even some new ideas…

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  1. Perhaps the open seating out front could be part of one or several low walls that would have planting pockets built in to provide spaces for smaller/spilling flowering plants (to scale them up and protect from extremes). My favorite spots around hospitals are always smaller enclosed areas that provide seating outside and a bit of screening to help you “forget” where you are.

    That varied planting levels does sound do-able if they have the budget. But either way, I do like the ability of a wall to separate seating, defining a very lush but xeric planting behind it. Forgetting where one is = pricelessm especially at a hospital!


  2. Low seating would be nice there. It appears that no matter what you plant there the crew will shear it. Cenizo is so pretty in its natural form and the blooms are so sad on the sheared form. It’s usually because the crew wants to look busy for “X” hours a day.

    I think the trick will be to give crews plantings to do “topiary”, and others to leave alone giving time to do other tasks. I think!


  3. I am totally following you…you don’t want things to get trampled…but at the same time, I am sure those two cute gals in the last photo would love to be sitting on that seat wall you mentioned rather than standing there…perhaps a deciduous tree overhead for shade in summer and rays in the winter?????

    A Huisache was there, but only a ball on a stick remains after the sidewalk! I would add summer seating under the long cover to the front door, but open seating out front (good except summer days). And lush / flowering where the women are walking!


  4. Oh my, I looked at the previous ones and they looked so darn nice. And now, more construction means they need you again. Go get ’em!
    Happy new year David.

    I know – a refinement with the new walk out front and new facilities does = potential! Happy NY too…


  5. I love this twist: “too much negative space”. It’s the opposite of the “cramscaping” you discussed in an earlier post and such a good reminder of the big differences in plants and place around the gardening world. Look forward to seeing how you work with this.

    Keeping it balanced! I’m thinking a sunny seat wall 4-5′ behind the sidewalk, and a bit of PDX Loree and/or Las Cruces Jeff behind it :-) Tough and lush enough to survive as an oasis spot.


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