Giving Thanks

What a last 6 months! Or is it just my whole life…all I have that I want, plus all I don’t have that I don’t want?

I’m thankful for all y’all, as we share our landscape nerdiness.

So, on this mild, very late fall day, where I’m house / dog-sitting on the remote west mesa of the Mesilla Valley – abundant sunshine, in case you don’t have it! And I’m also thankful for:

warm places to rest, and of course, plenty of cacti like Opuntia macrocentra

firewood…only a wood burning stove for heat in this adobe house…26F this morning, and below freezing by 9 pm
for these crystal-clear, blue skies towards the Organ Mountains…it’s really like this, so many days here at 4000′ above sea level…payback for winter or summer, or so little rain
or these blue skies towards my new home in the tip of Texas (far right, at the Franklin Mtns’ southern end)
food – New Mexico is sometimes the #1 state in pecan production, even though it’s the state tree of Texas…without irrigation from our scant rain and snow, these miles of thrifty chiles, or thirsty pecans and cotton would be impossible…
a decent monsoon season, finally…these Creosote Bush plants in the wild have larger leaves than years…as usual in southern and central New Mexico, 3/4 of the year’s moisture fell from July to mid-September
Did I say rain? The annual grass, Six-weeks Grama, grew after the last big rains after Labor Day, thickly on most bare ground, from at least El Paso to Albuquerque as proof…less erosion, more food for wildlife that’s survived…
…and plump cacti, like this Cylindropuntia leptocaulis
“Christmas Cholla” is what it’s called in New Mexico…looking towards Las Cruces
“Tasajillo” is what it’s usually called in the southern part of my new state; as usual, the Spanish name sounds more interesting…looking towards El Paso and nearly 900 miles of Texas

6 Replies to “Giving Thanks”

  1. Love that “Tasajillo”. Wonder if deer would eat it. What am I saying?…of course, ours would.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was as great as that view.

    It was, and some roaring fires helped. Deer, rabbits…at least Tasajillo has really long spines?


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, David. Thanks for sharing should lovely photos, and for the sunshine, we needed it here in CT over the past few days!

    You too; you got our same weather here, just much more moisture.


  3. Great photos! I especially loved the first (that opuntia right up against the tree, how funny) and the last, it would make a great Christmas card. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, oh and I’m thankful you’re still blogging!

    Thanks, and she has many pines with that…wild to see cactus in pine needles, and so much. And you’re welcome, much sunshine and spikiness here to pass along!


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