A Few More Adjustments!

Back to Bill’s new garden in “Burque”, with some inherited parts. And a few more items in need of attention. Hard to believe it was so nice and warm back that day, as I hang in there on one of our last 72F days.

I know, that won’t garner much sympathy from some of you.

Photos from late September 2013 –

The old-style, 110 volt garden light really stands out in a bad way...photos can really reveal such things
Do you see what stands out in a bad way? The old-style, 110V garden light…photos reveal such things.

What to do? I know, but it may take time to convince the owner, if at all…I can only do what I can do.

a look at my plan confirmed those agaves alternate and stagger with other elements
back to my plan, note the symbols along the lower area, and how they are configured or how there is blankness (negative space or void) – that corresponds to the next photo
the ‘Blueberry Muffin’ India Hawthorn shrubs may have shifted, but that’s not crucial to the design; it seems more Rain Lily and Poppy Mallow plants could be added to fill in some gaps, turning some gaps into positive space or mass

Bill abhors negative space (or a vacuum), but so do many rain lilies, germanders and thymes!


4 Replies to “A Few More Adjustments!”

  1. Pretty design….I like that stave fence…is it hiding something behind?
    I think more germanders would be nice…I surprise myself sometimes!

    It is juniper poles, hiding an air conditioner. (I originally had steel posts vertical, vines between)


  2. The residents probably don’t even “see” that garden light. I know I ignore ours until/unless I clumsily stumble over them.

    Off topic but I’d like to see the details of that screening – is it rebar and posts? What an interesting structural detail in contrast to the smooth walls. I’m intrigued.

    (and don’t get me started again on negative space. I’m still resting repetitive stress injured parts after attempts to reintroduce it back into my spaces…)

    Those ugly lights so common in Abq; he might not notice…but he may! The other lights added are more subtle and effective. Screening – let me do that, very on-topic; used to be called a “jacal fence”, now called a “coyote fence”…uses juniper / cedar poles. Negative space…ha ha!


  3. Pretty and relaxing design. Perhaps he will see the light and know it is time to update. Negative space is not an easy sell for most. The trained eye seeks it while the untrained eye seeks to fill it.

    Thanks, and true on negative space. Though the plant fan does pack it in (like me), it can be done well. Fingers crossed!


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