Signs of Life

Thursday’s Hallow’s Eve stroll in the remote outpost of Marfa saw many signs. Especially since I’m from the Mountain Time Zone, not even ready to crash at 11 pm CTZ. And more signs, after a good sleep.

Isn’t it ironic this ranching town is so retro?

(sorry but I hear hipsters do like irony) Musical selection – the spare vocal qualities of Junip / José González…of Sweden, via Argentina!

Enjoy, photos starting Friday 11/1/2013 –

no diving or even pool weather…as chilly as the stiff ocotillos suggest 

can’t get enough of this sign and cactus hedge
out of focus, as I finally grew tired of walking several blocks, to see some interesting things; a sleepy town
same room as my last stay here in June, right before everything really changed and resolved itself…or did it?
more in focus in the morning light
part of what I came for, the home tour (and my self-made garden tour)
nothing like a German word in sans-serif font, to imply uber-coolness…except Marfa ala Judd is minimal…das minimum isn’t compelling?

4 Replies to “Signs of Life”

  1. Interesting such a hip place is so quiet at night. They were all getting rested up for the big design weekend.

    And on Halloween! True, but still unsure why there were no rooms anywhere…it was dead.


  2. Looking forward to seeing your posts about the home/garden tour! Love the sign/opuntia hedge!

    Will do…for the interiors, I’ll try to link to the designers’ web pages, due to their prohibitions. Though I did cop a few pics when opportunity knocked…


  3. This time out it is the soundtrack (rather than the images) I’m going to offer up gratitude for. A gold mine of plays for any season. Thank you!

    Oddly enough, Gonzalez played in Marfa…the soundtrack, I like it!


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