Walking After Midnight

I’m back in that far-out, retro West Texas town for the MARFArchitecture + Design Symposium and Home Tour. It’s retro in a good way: serene design and fresh re-use.

Before bed, I took a stroll on the part of town I’m lodging, enjoying the chilly, lonely air along US-90 – the sound of the train, or a rushing vehicle, or couples riding rented bikes into town. Lighting and darkness, dancing prickly pear cactus and clumping hedgehog cactus, and minimalist comfort.

Peaceful, before tomorrow’s today’s inspiration and presentations.

I go out walkin’, after midnight…
…searchin’ for you…blues and the ordinary used differently, but well together
simple, serene, yet somehow not sterile

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  1. I have long distrusted the ‘intellectualisation’ of ‘garden’. very often it comes from those who practice little but ruminate much! But then again we need the Conceptualists too!
    I find it amusing that ‘desert’ has probably provided much inspiration for trendy inner city minimalist design but probably would not be credited for it! Lets face a desert is a place we all try to avoid………………… If given a choice of free travel to lets say the best of Europe’s landscapes/gardens or deserts of north America I know where i will be heading!

    True, as I know the “artiste” types in my field quite challenged with connecting all the dots it takes to be a designer. Just glad for the exceptions to them!

    Agreed on the desert as an inspiration for “urban sophisto” minimalism, but without their admitting it. Though some in places like Austin do make that connection. But as to your travel for gardens, I would still opt for the deserts…you might be surprised. But for variety from here, I might go to Europe.


  2. Hi David, i just gotta say you writings etc are a breath of fresh air. I could contribute to many of your posts but don’t feel the need to litter your pages with my palaver! Splendid stuff Laddie! Best Billy
    P.S. I truly envy a lot of this deserty look….

    Thanks, I’m trying to explain less but more effectively! Always feel free to add in. The desert, no matter which part, is so inspiring, isn’t it?


  3. I’ll bet that area is looking lush after the autumnal rains: annuals still blooming away in protected pockets up here, and hoarfrost every morning–a bit chillier than Marfa I suspect.

    They missed the uber-rain event of our Mtn Time Zone, but got more all summer and some lately, nice grasses but no wildflowers…I think 2 light frosts previously and then 29F low this AM. But in town, been getting some nice landscape pics:-)


  4. I’m enjoying your “ghost” self portrait in the lower right corner of that top photo. So appropriate for this time of year. And that room – you’re so right – it does manage to avoid sterility. It really feels as though it is there waiting for you to put your own stamp on the space – to make it yours while you are there. Surprisingly welcoming…

    It was a quiet night, but other than some loud hipsters, it’s perfectly autumnal. So far from I-10, awaiting:-)


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