Patio Home Progress

Most of a growing season later, a decent monsoon season in there, and two tiny, new garden spaces…on the sandy bluffs west of the Rio Grande.

Albuquerque’s west mesa has some of the most amazingly warm, soft breezes of anywhere I’ve been.

Here, the owner is really connected to his plantings, then sharing it all with his array of friends. And did I say he likes to work in the garden? Yet I design low-maintenance and low-water-use, anyway, because it’s only right.

maybe Predock would be proud of this 1970-ish La Luz patio home garden redo…maybe…I like the concrete lintels, and the colorful containers for foothills-native Beargrass…lighter, green foliage dancing against the earthy stucco walls…and another accessory used

Once inside the front gate, the owner’s accessorizing is apparent, and the plantings are equally eclectic, but massings are starting to reveal themselves…Prairie Zinnia, Squid Agave, annual zinnias for seasonal size and splash, potted plants
Bill wasn’t a chemistry teacher gone-bad with his look…but he was an English teacher! An existing pine tree, new Trailing Germander, ‘Blueberry Muffin’ India Hawthorn shrubs, and white Rain Lily about to fill-in between the shrubs…both of us are glad we moved the potted mint next to the bench, for better scale in a young planting…drip irrigation to pots still not tweeked
a solo Opuntia ellisiana put on those fresh, greener pads, right after the week of rain in the El Paso – Denver corridor
sundown has a blurry Curve-bill Thrasher, with glowing, yellow eyes and looking for some bites to eat
so were we, enjoying red wine and eyeing the maturing outdoor living spaces
the evening light requires the rest of my design’s progress be posted later…dusk light through the Desert Willow, which the design retained,

3 Replies to “Patio Home Progress”

  1. Love his accessories! And those pots with the Beargrass are perfect. The plantings by the bell are nice and colorful. The hardest part will be having to wait for the hawthorne shrubs to fill in. I’m assuming he’s reached the point where he’s thrilled to have low maintenance plantings. Still, I’m wondering if he will be able to resist getting his hands dirty!

    His collecting has paid off…good point, as I need to get with him on new places (and more containers, HOA common areas…) to keep it all going. Yes, he likes a smaller place and lower maintenance, but…


  2. What a beautiful patio! Love all the pots….everything looks very well put together. Happy to hear your friend did not break bad too! HAAAAAAAaaaaa

    He has more great pots out back…getting there, just needs some more time! Maybe he’s an amateur chemist, though?


  3. Zinnia grandiflora wouldn’t grow up that quickly in Denver! Looks like you’re settling in nicely: Love that thrasher!

    Z. grandifora do grow fast here…need to see my plan why more aren’t further back! Thrashers help me feel home…


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