Small Spaces Count

Tight everyday spaces can offer the best surprises. Such as a recent trip to pick up the dishes I bought in a pre-sale, cell phone camera in hand, mall security having just driven by!

The trio of Texas Mountain Laurel are dwarf trees, red yuccas underneath, in a narrow space where towering pines or large, lollipop trees would not work

See anything?

The red yuccas are hiding something more ephemeral or seasonal…

Everything counts in small amounts!

‘New Gold’ Lantana, which dies to ground each winter, can be seen by pedestrians from above, but from the street and front the red yuccas dominate when lantanas are not at their best

Small spaces by store or mall entries matter, just like narrow strips by a house’s front door. Imagine if this were done with only flowering plants, without the other bones plants. Weak all winter.

I’m glad theirs’ weren’t over-planted with too large of plants.

Small space, small plant. Usually!


5 Replies to “Small Spaces Count”

  1. I like the concept and you seem to be good at locating these, I’ll have to find one around here. The reverse in my yard with the yuccas behind the lantana but there is a lot else to look at here.

    Probably lack of my own garden + doing some larger projects? Out of view, they made big mistakes, though a colleague finished plans in July to redo some areas…hmmm!


  2. I like that! At first, I was like, shouldn’t the lantana go in front???? it is lower after all. BUT I see the beauty of this. AND…I totally get the winter thing….I am working on that!

    I did an 3/12 post on a Napa Valley landscape – taller boxwood hedging surrounds tulips…summer-winter, seasonal tulips declining are less obvious!


  3. Yes, David. Small spaces count with small plant. It looks beautiful. I am also looking forward to plant like your creative idea. Hope you will advice me. Thanks in advance.

    You’re welcome, much more coming up, and don’t forget to check 500+ posts in my old blog!


  4. Sometimes a small space is more dramatic than a large space, because it can focus the eye on a plant combination or design element that would be lost in a larger space. Some of my favorite designs are small spaces or strips…not that I don’t lust for big planting spaces!

    I think so, though you now have both and more than one of each! But to have some land and a good budget…


  5. Espalier. Espalier. Espalier.

    Big impact, tight space.

    Prefer woody shrubs with medium-slow growth rate. No trellis or wire & minimal pruning.


    Espalier a good idea, and one could have been designed to work with the huge building. They opted for your second idea…less $!


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