I need to get out more after dinner, now that it’s not that hot anymore. Not that this heat is really that terrible.

A nice mini-library idea…Danger Garden showed one in Portland OR…but this is El Paso, a place some in that other place on I-40 mock

Later, on my block…the light and shadows…the date palms and the sky
Got maintenance?
A nice hippie-ish couple I met, and that sky
Yes, that sky!

Now, terrible heat would be throwing frisbees like I did with friends – one late September night – at a lit park in Phoenix – 95F with high humidity at 11 pm. Though in mid-winter, they laugh back.

Here’s to all our evenings become divine, very soon!


6 Replies to “Sunset”

  1. Oh yeah! I am with ya on those evenings…finally a slight break in the heat. Soooo lovely.

    Looks like the house has maintenance…but no grounds! Why is that a theme over and over in my life these days. Hello…I can help with that…no thanks. I like ugly. Ha!


    1. OOoops….just saw the fascia ;)

      Maintenance must be illegal here in Latin America, i.e. everything S of Colorado Springs. Took 10 years for me to accept that. I remember my father warning us kids on our first family trip to Italy…Austria/Italy border, everything got rusted, etc on the Italian side. But such different style and cuisine than up north. (my bias)


  2. Hi David
    Look forward too your blog. El Paso is an interesting place with amazing rock walls, climate and buildings. What an amazing place for your field.

    Thanks, it is new and familiar…including the swamp cooler…yuck. But potential w/ great walls, homes!


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