Clouds + Color

The 2013 monsoon season has been decent – stats here. Our southwestern monsoon is of the same process as the famous one in southern Asia including India, but they have more open ocean (wetter), are closer to the equator (warmer), and the Himalayas dwarf our mountains (more lift to their clouds, more rain).

Leaving Sunset Heights, I go by an architect’s office. That landscape is a basic xeric design, but with less dependence on gravel and more on plantings than others.

When our weather pattern switched early last month – from dry and drier, and hot and hotter – clouds moved in off and on, we had some soaking rains, and everything changed in his plantings, like in the wild.

Texas Sage / Leucophyllum spp. (AKA Cenizo, Texas Ranger)

No matter your favorite name for it, these shrubs put on quite a show under those honey mesquites’ moderately dense canopies. Rivaling azaleas in the southeast, these can rebloom for a longer period, too.
A nice fragrance
Litter I can live with

Seeing plantings of this species around town reminds me of a regional folk song, De Colores! I’ve actually heard people singing it here. I think that relates to this plant nicely. More than what yet another common name for it implies, Barometer Bush.

The day before posting, those sages are without flowers, again. Dry and warm is back.

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I’ll try sharing some other garden-related sites I’ve seen walking my new area, next!


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  1. Congrats David. My sister lived in El Paso for a few years, loved my visits there. Looking forward to seeing it in a new way via your blog. XO T

    Thanks, more here than I realized, and I’ve been down so much. Can’t wait to share more!


  2. Kool, I get to finally use my earthinternet username in wordpress.

    That combination of colours of light bright green and pinkish lavender underneath makes me think of certain varieties of Desert Willow, but in reverse. Well if that makes sense.

    I like the new look here

    All right! A good description of how their understory color works. El Paso has a relaxed look with rock walls and not forcing in so many cool/wet climate lollipop trees…but some of that, too.


    1. I came back and didn’t realize you had replied. I read your reply and thought, ‘I don’t remember saying that’ , then lol, I saw the italics. Wonder if you controls allow you to make a slightly different colour scheme for your comments.


      I tried all their options, but no dice so far.


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