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“T[he]y headed down, to-o-oo, Old El Paso!”Steve Miller Band

El Paso, Texas. 260 miles due south via the freeway, starting over in a place a bit drier and warmer than where I was! A variation on where I was, but with some notable and welcome differences…

view off my patio, a locally-native Yucca torreyi peeks at me

I’ve worked here and made relationships with like-minded colleagues for years, so it will be great settling in and take it all in. Not in my “own” home – that the bank or county assessor own, but in a place I rent. That’s a change after 21+ years!

Yet, so many of the sounds, insects, birds (like curve-bill thrashers or cicadas) are familiar from my last home. The scent of creosote bush is stronger and more frequent; beyond heavenly if you haven’t known it.

Though notably lacking is the roadrunner…not one around my new neighborhood or on numerous hikes and rides, unlike “back there”. The first ride of which happened my first Sunday afternoon here…peaceful, hot and breezy.

living room towards bedroom (nice detailing and woodwork)

I’m looking forward to new opportunities that build on the past, with a vibrant culture many have no idea about – including some who I don’t want to! Stay tuned, as I discuss spaces and places that inspire, and those who I get to work around.

I also wanted something different as I’m (or larger forces) are changing things up.

El Paso is even more southwestern than Albuquerque,  both geographically and culturally. There are few here whose landscapes have icy grips or teary eyes toward places much colder and wetter. Called El Chuco or the Sun City by some, this is in the core of the Chihuahuan Desert and in the heart of the Great American Southwest, not the edge of it, nor near places of much different affinities.

Partly why I started a new blog with a different name.

The El Paso region – la frontera – is less yielding to denial of it’s power, or certain deniers from up north. That’s a relief!

view from great room towards the patio – some of my old patio furnishings and a small container with some succulent finds from Flora Grubb have been added – watch it’s progress within my limited time and modest means
view from parking towards the patio and living room…needs help, but manageable

Of course, these spaces are begging for my handiwork, including ridding the place of that invasive, damaging trash tree on the right (Tree of Heaven).

The owner of these apartments is digging on a landscape architect living here, who sees potential in the small landscape spaces, existing courtyard, and overall look. At least until she learns my fees and other conditions! Or when she’s shown what it might entail. Unless I can show her the big picture and how to achieve it over time.

I’m just getting started in these photos, but I’ve already added more here.

my friend Amy’s gift – Agave americana ‘Mediopicta Alba’

Pardon the dust and incompleteness of my new blog, as I wanted to get this posted, since I moved down in early July. The look and contents will soon be in place!

You can also view my blog when I lived in Albuquerque – here


15 Replies to “Similar Yet New”

  1. Not surprised by the destination but by the new blog! But it makes sense, as you explain you’re not living on the edge of the desert anymore. I look forward to seeing how things are different. Albuquerque…El Paso — it’s all pretty exotic for this southern girl who’s never lived farther west than Austin. Sending roadrunner thoughts your way.

    Exactly, and I was thinking that on the downhill side of this AM’s hike…I should do a quick “similar vs. different” post on the 2 sister cities! Meep, meep…


  2. Looking forward to it David. Maybe you could wheel and deal on your rent for Landscape services?

    Yes, nice here, few uppity types, and better plant use/choices. Your idea may be employed soon!


  3. Congrats on the move and your new home with much character. I can already see you working your magic. …and I totally get it now…why the new blog….wishing you well on your fresh start! Cheers, David :)

    I hope to get in all into shape this month…still much to do for such a small downsize! Thanks down over there on I-10!


  4. Wow. That is a big change and a new blog too. Way to start over. Changes are always good. Learning is critical to evolution, right?

    Yes! I’m embracing that change…awkward but getting into the groove. And there’s some MCM around here!


  5. Congrats!!!! I look forward to reading and seeing all the cool things El Paso Gardening has to offer:)

    Thanks, and I’m taking a walk around my apartment’s neighborhood tomorrow. Even several tiny pocket parks here!


  6. Ps, WordPress insisted that I use my long idle blog here :). But I am am really at my blogger one.

    I had the same problem whn on Blogger, trying to comment on WP blogs…weird.


  7. So happy you found ‘home’. I had a feeling it might be in TX. May you have many happy times here!

    Thanks, and it will be an interesting time…my new place grows on me as I get organized. I just noticed 1/2 my places were in TX. In between work, and all…


  8. Ah….for some reason, this is what I thought, all along.

    Seemed like every post you did about El Paso, made it sound like a place you could embrace.

    Looks like a lovely place, where you landed. Looking forward to seeing it all, your point of view.

    Good luck….

    And, welcome to Texas.

    Very interesting, again – I might have saved some time by asking more where they think I might move! Your reasons make sense, familiar enough but different enough. Rough around the edges, but I can change that some. And much to see garden-wise within blocks of walking or riding from my apartment – more good than bad. Thanks!


  9. Well thank god you’re still blogging! I figured you were going to end up in Austin or El Paso, leaving towards Austin but then you never seemed to embrace the hipster element…

    :-) I resisted temptation to stop for a while – too much garden interest. Interesting…many guessed or rooted for Austin, yet nobody thought Tucson or Las Vegas…hipsters are everywhere!


  10. At the fling you told me your final decision, but I forgot what it was! So the teaser post from desert edge was full of suspense for me. I don’t think I’ve heard of another move so carefully researched and considered from multiple vantage points. Love the new apartment with those awesome patio doors.

    Thanks, this old building (1903) and metal (in)security bars still come out well, way down I-10 from you! Glad the suspense was up, as for me until June. Much to figure out…but now, ahh!


  11. It looks a wonderful space – the shine on the floor is fab

    Thanks…old with bones, like I’m aging towards! But manageable in scale.


  12. Let me be the first to raise a toast to your ‘blogwarming’

    “To new beginnings, may they be fruitful!”


    Gracias, this time the other way on I-10! And coining that term is a first, so will now share it with you over a dish of cold Blue Bell ice cream. Great quote!


  13. Not a bit surprised you chose El Paso. It just seemed you were leaning that way much of the time. Good to see you have landed and found a place with local character.

    Love the Ocotillo in the background. I look forward to reading posts from El Paso now.

    Hola just down I-10! Before I started my quest, this area (esp/ Las Cruces) was on my radar…first thoughts may be like one’s first answer on a test? More to come…the challenge here will be a pic without an ocotillo in it!


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