Gato Loco…A Re-Cycling Story

Surprise, surprise! Everything came together on one of my designs – the crucial installation part – as I happened to drive by one day, doing errands. Including buying a helmet lamp for my late rides that push the onset of dark…

Photos last week -


color but few flowers, form, plants integrated with angular walls…

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On the Way to a Concert…

A few blocks away from my abode, one hot June evening I walked to see a local (and good) country band play at the convention center plaza. I saw this landscape again, on the corner of Santa Fe and Franklin.

I’ve driven by it many times before, but it’s better by foot.

Returning weeks later with my camera, photos from 7/13/2014 -


a stand of Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Yellow’, a statuesque Yucca faxoniana…

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Clean Desert Plantings

Borrego and the Art of Hot Landscapes? I’m not sure.

Back to the art institute / former-grocery store-reuse, in the serene desert town of Borrego Springs. This time, more of a look at their landscape design, recently implemented. Photos from 1/14/2014 -


a mass of Agave parryi ‘Estrella’ (arid z 8a, at least) welcomed me, in the morning light…a distant mass of golden barrels

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Cram-it: La Jolla Edition

Let’s return to a small, but well-designed front garden in La Jolla CA…while I don’t pretend to know all the plants, I’ll treat this as a design exercise, since for most of us, we don’t have a prayer of growing some of the plants. It’s z 11a / Sunset Zone 24, a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, I took quite a few photos on my several day trip to see my aunt in San Diego! This is a “cram-it-style” garden.

Photos from 1/9/2014 -

the whole front area is treated…a quick study on how this works…

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A Garden’s Teen Years

A garden goes through it’s awkward teen years right after it’s terrible twos. I think that’s when everything is soon to be revealed as incredible, or to fall apart.

But that beats the fate of all too many landscapes, merely designed to live for today. It’s best to have fun and thrive for the long-term. Part of why I embrace place and local native plants from my ecoregion and elevation. That’s staying power.

Photos from Albuquerque at the 2 year old Robertson Residence, 7/18/14 -

a small space, yet eclectic among a trace of simplicity…about to fill in some more…

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A Sotol Storm

I finally took a half-hour, and drove up the hill off I-10, to revisit the Helen of Troy sotol plantings out front.

Oee cannot easily miss their amazing dance party of bloom stalks this summer. Each time I’ve driven by, they’ve teased me to stop by, but I was in a hurry. They are all Blue Sotol / Dasylirion wheeleri, planted effectively as a large mass.

Photos from the stormy, cool morning of 8/2/2014 -


spotting these stalks from below, it was destiny…

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